Physiotherapy Department

What is Physiotherapy? Physiotherapy is a health care profession with an emphasis on the use of physical approaches for the promotion of health and the prevention, treatment and management of disease and disability. It is the fourth largest healthcare profession in the world and addresses problems with movement, dysfunction and pain. These can arise from musculoskeletal, neurological, respiratory, and chronic disability conditions, or from mental illness and intellectual impairment. The physiotherapy department in NGH strives to provide an in-patient and out-patient service that is based on high standards of care and quality. Staff work closely with medical, nursing and other allied health staff. Goals are achieved through comprehensive assessment with individualised treatment combining education, continuous support, home exercise programmes and advice, using knowledge from our extensive scientific background of human anatomy and physiology to provide optimum quality patient care and there is a strong commitment to the philosophy of multidisciplinary work.
Ground floor Old Hospital building,
Hours of service: 
Monday to Friday, 08:30hrs­– 17:00hrs
+353 45 849942
+353 45 897201